Off Season Details

Folks the off-season upon us.
The purpose of this thread is to provide a general overview on how the off-season will playout. As most of you know, we tackle things in a sequential order, but at this point of the off-season it is difficult to provide firm dates for all items.

A couple of immediate actions/reminders
– If you are unsure if you wish to remain GM of your team please let us know sooner rather than later. It is only fair to the new GM that they have the off-season to prepare their team
– If you have any questions about rules, please ask
– Remember you do NOT need cap space to sign RFAs but you DO need cap space to sign your UFAs. And all UFAs re-signed are 3 years and 1 way
– If you release a player please post in the free agency thread
– If you trade or acquire a draft pick please post in the draft pick thread
– Trading before re-rates is done at your own risk – ratings will change primarily based on the last season’s performance.

Immediate things you should be doing:
– Prepare for the draft!
– If you owe conditional picks in the 2017 draft – take care of them sooner rather than later
– Trade, trade, trade!

Generally the order will go like this
– Rollover (1 year advancement on ages and contracts)
– Our draft: Saturday June 17 10 am Calgary time
– Re-rates and new RFA/UFA grids
– Deadline to bring players above waiver threshold to the CPHL
– RFA re-signing
– UFA re-signing
– UFA batches

Also please remember we don’t process stuff as often in the off-season. It is a bit of a welcome break for us as well. The sim will be updated after free agency.


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