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About the League
This is a SIM league for hockey based on the ‘SimonT Simulator’ . The league has 30 teams divided into two conferences, and six divisions – matching the NHL’s current alignment.

Only serious GMs should apply to this league. What we mean by ‘serious’ is this: GMs will be expected to show active interest in their team, and this league. They are encouraged to make trades, edit lines, pick rivalries (if they don’t appear on their own), participate in drafts, and provide press releases on occasion. This is a fun league, but GMs are the key to making it fun.

CPHL (Calgary Puck Hockey League) is a fantasy based hockey system that replicates the life of a GM (General Manager) using the FHL software. This league allows members to communicate and manage their own team via the Internet based on realistic simulation hockey. The CPHL is a great experience for everyone that aspires to act as an NHL General manager and Coach.

The CPHL was founded in May 2002 by Dayel Peterson, Darren Linn and Cameron Schuler. We discussed starting a league after frustrations we were having participating in another fantasy league. We thought we could do a much better job and it looks like we were right. The CPHL started by creating some basic html files and asking Darcy McGrath permission to use the name CalgaryPuck. We wouldn’t be the CPHL without Darcy McGrath (Bingo) Rick Charlton (Cowperson) allowing us space on their site and Cam McVey (Scottie) letting us run the league on the CalgaryPuck server. After getting most of the site up and running we began looking for GMs to participate in the league. We received over a hundred applications to join the league in the first hour of operation. The rest is history.

The league will go through good and bad times, but all leagues have experienced this at one time or another as they try to launch a system that will keep people coming back. We believe we have accomplished this as there are still GMs signing up every day and the current GMs are on the site daily checking the message board and talking on Messenger.

The CPHL has a maximum capacity of 30 teams that follow the NHL named teams. New GMs generally get in when GMs leave due to time commitments or league dismissal. If we lose contact with a GM throughout the season and can not communicate with that owner, we might put their team up for grabs, opening a spot for a new GM. Don’t wait to sign-up, (see the link on our main page) anything can happen and you might have a team on a moments notice.

The CPHL uses FHL as the simulator. Stats and Standings are updated daily. You have complete control over your team roster & lines.

We feel that the web site itself has a good lay-out and is easy to move around getting to any page on the server from any page you are currently on. We also protect all forms and personal information submitted behind a password from web surfers just visiting the site.

Opinions are discussed and evaluated before anything is confirmed. This will allow for better results and will also allow better access for members. You can always get in contact with all of the Commissioners, Darren Linn, Cameron Schuler or Dayel Peterson via email or Messenger.

We feel here at the CPHL that we have created an excellent league for ALL to enjoy, and are extremely gratified at the response and positive comments we continually receive.

The number one thing we believe in is to keep everything fair and even. We can assure you that we have never once fixed a game or have given anyone an advantage over another. And we never will…..

CPHL Commissioners

Meet the Commisioners

Please remember that the commish team is done so by volunteers who donate countless hours of their personal time each year to ensure the league functions properly.\

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